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  • Diabetes Care
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    Aloe- helps to lower the blood sugar

    Dhathri- helps to nourish the body, good source of vitamin ‘C’

    Triphala – best combination to heal the body form with in

    Guduchi – helps to improve immunity

    Gudmar – helps to lower the blood sugar

    Neem – enhances the absorption of herbs and strengthens the body organs

    Curcamine – best antisceptic and heals the body , improves usage of excess sugar around each cell

  • Immune Boost
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    A combination of herbs which will help you enhance immunity, improve digestion, a daily dose to lose weight and help you maintain a great immunity . Ingredients – Tulsi – helps to build an excellent immunity by its any microbial property , Aloe Vera – helps body to maintain an alkaline environment in the body, Tumeric – it a well known activity to maintain great immunity and anti microbial activity , Garcinia cambogia – helps to lose weight and here is present in liquid form thus giving maximum absorption and better weight loss efficacy, amla- this is an excellent known source of Vitamin C , it helps to build cell matrix this not allowing the cells to allow any infections to harbor within .

  • Immune Boost One
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    It’s an excellent combination of herbs to help boost immunity on an immediate basis. It’s an 8-day course. It’s to be taken when you feel you need immediate immunity support for your body, this is not a long-term solution but a basic approach to healing your immune system. Good immunity ensures that the body learns after every infection and does not allow the body’s organs to malfunction. It helps to boost the body function during any cough and cold thus resulting in better recovery and no clogging of the sinuses. Constant sinuses, headaches due to sinuses, cough, and cold

  • Male Vitality
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    It helps to Maintain Good Energy levels & helps nourishment of vital male Sex organs Helps to improve erectile Dysfunction & works as a Safe Natural Aphrodisiac. No artificial chemicals are used

  • Pain Relief
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    Aloe- helps the body to heal thus reducing pain

    Guggul – enhances immunity thus reducing pain

    Neem – Helps for better absorption of herbs

    Nirgundi -it helps in pain relief

    Gokhru – helps to sooth nerves

    Trikuta- helps the efficacy of herbs for pain relief

    Makoy – helps in pain relief

    Curcamine – Helps to improve herbs efficacy

    Giloy- helps to improve herbs efficacy

    Punarnava- helps to get rid of water retention

    Tulsi – improves immunity

    Soya juice – good source of proteins, Helpful for arthritis, morning stiffness, back pain

  • Stress Relief
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    1.     Helps to achieve right sleep
    2.     Fresh mornings
    3.     Better energy levels
    4.     Calms the mind
  • Virgin coconut Oil
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    Virgin coconut oil has huge rejuvenation power to heal the body, it shows anti cancer activities when consumed on a regular basis, and the right fats from virgin coconut oil means longer life and good immunity . Right faith acid form VCO helps good heart health , good oliation means better gut health, as fats acts like a good probiotic for Gut health. Fats do not increase the insulin activity in body , best for right fasting , best for weight loss

    VCO detox It is an 8 days process which can be done every three months to sensitize the body and push the toxins away First part is to have 30 ml coconut oil every day first thing in the morning, do not take any sugar or jaggery align side it , green teas can be a taken along with it for better results 30 ml oil will take anywhere form 30 min to 3 hours for digestion , oil burps when completely gone you will feel hungry for next meal or breakfast Take breakfast or early lunch which has complex carbs and some Protein based diet. It will really help the cause. Jowar, raggi , bajra , oats, quinoa etc. Avoid having quick breakfast after the consumption of oil immediately without the right hunger urge ( there should not be any burp of oil )as it will not help the purpose of oil to get completely digested Try and have light meals for next week if possible avoid Wheat , yogurt, fermented foods, sprouts , vinegar , smoking , etc How will VOC detox help Weight loss Better Gut health Improve digestion Smooth motions Remove toxins from the body Helps in good skin

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