Corporate Wellness

WRW believes in using Natural methods for healing which are time tested and effective

Be it immunity, ailments based approach, or anti-ageing system, all can be achieved when the governing laws of nature are at work through WRW programs. We provide solutions at work environments for the employees which leads to enhanced productivity, work-life balance and improved quality of life. Natural healing methods are governed by the rhythm of nature. One of the laws is the cause and effect theory basis which helps in solving most mental and physical ailments. We also impart an ailment specific program for physical and mental well–being.

Why Ayurveda In Corporates?

Humans have changed the way they used to work drastically. From family-owned home-based jobs, they have shifted to modern workspaces and again to home-based work. This shift is demanding on his mental and physical wellbeing. Bringing Wellness through all-natural modalities. Corporates provide the best possible work conditions for their co-workers. One main factor that is missed out is wellness. This can be collective in nature it has a physical, mental, financial, social etc angle to it. Work has its own impact on all of the above dimensions.

Economy Grows With Healthy Individuals At Successful Corporates.

WRW can help in improving the physical and mental wellbeing through group sessions, personalised consultations etc.

Corporate Programs We Offer

Basic wellness program

Includes health desk which can capture health individual data like ECG single lead, Blood pressure, Spo2, Body Temperature, BMI etc and health target based wellness shots

Tenure – 7-90 days

Executive program

Personalized program helping the individual with ailments/ or specific health requirement to help them get more healthier, younger and cheerful

Tenure – 15 days – 90 days

Why Us For Corporate Wellness?

We R Wellness has Corporate Wellness Programs to help your employees perform better & quicker that turns out to the maximum performance.


A part of Nature that carries the cure to almost everything. Ayurveda is called “Mother of Healing”
We R Wellness truly believes in this holistic approach of healing & offers it to you as a part of our wellness programs.
AYURVEDA practices includes:
Trusted Team of Qualified Doctors,
Well Tested & Implemented Ayurveda Solutions,
Our natural healing methods involve Oils, Herbs & other natural ingredients.


More or Less we understand that what is our daily routine, but a step towards improving it, is sometimes confusing. We R Wellness helps you with:
Understanding Your Own Body Type Preparing a Lifestyle Routine that Suits you Understanding Your Daily Diet Pattern Preparing a Diet Plan that can keep you Healthier Understanding how taking REST can enhance your WORK PERFORMANCE


Diet Plays a vital role in overall development. We work with you to get it in place by various approach.
Online Daily Diet Logging to track your patterns.
One to One or Online Consultations for your daily routines. Tracking the Health Improvements based on Diet Change. Seasonal Diet Changes.

We Do Oils No Drugs Wrw Has Ayurveda Solutions For The Field Of Sports

Enhanced Lifestyle Authentic & Unique Ayurveda Healing solutions to individuals in corporates, WRW helps to shape successful, inspiring & spectacular lives. 

Upgraded Performance Better Stress Handling will enable your team to derive creative as well as efficient methods to cross face challenges easily. 

Better Productivity Great work happens with the best health. Our programs offer more immunity & enhanced alertness for your team to attain more outputs in less time.

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